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I'm terrified...and delighted!

...my how you ramble on.

Ken Khan

Gay Towel Animated



December 6th, 2012

So it's been this side of a year (maybe more) since I posted here, there, or anywhere.  Since it's been so long, I feel kinda bad that I haven't moderated mst3k_icons .  So anyone who wants to help moderate the page, I would be thankful.

January 31st, 2012

Dj names?

Dirk Digital

Since I've been dabbling in the DJ scene where I live, I'm considering a stage name.  Now I was going to go with the obvious 'dirkdigital', but it seems that there is already one.  So I was thinking something from Space Mutiny...like Big McLarge Huge.  Any suggestions?

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DJ Stage name?

Big McLarge Huge
Dirk Hardpec
Roll fizzlebeef

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April 22nd, 2010

trying out stuff

Gay Towel Animated
i just downloaded the lj app for my droid...maybe this will give me an excuse to post more.

October 9th, 2009

(no subject)

Gay Towel Animated
It's too bad there isn't a program that allows you to post the same meaningless message to all the different sites that I'm a member of.  That's my biggest problem.  I usually post to the facebook and rarely to myspace.  Maybe that's the way I'll get rich.

June 21st, 2009

Dare to dream

So I've found that I have another trait of my father...the gift of technological foresight.

I have been thinking for a few years now that computer tech is so cheap, that you could record a concert or other event, produce it on the fly,burn it and have it available for them as the leave the show or at least when joe concertgoer wakes up at 2 pm the next day (like I sometimes have done).  Well, my trip to Wakarusa 2009 illustrated that very point.  I talked with one guy who got the show on DVD about an hour after the fact.  Talk about instant gratification.  The only thing that I am waiting for is to see the production values of the DVD movies.  I ordered two shows and two downloads.  One was Split Lip Rayfield playing at the main stage and Yonder Mountain String Band in the Revival tent (wow).  The sound is ok.  For the price I paid, I was half expecting soundboard recordings, not good old taping.  One can always hope a more produced version is available.  It just blows me away that if someone had a decent amount of capital, you could follow these festivals around and make some bank off of the zonked out 21st century counter-culture concert crawler.  I'm just sayin'...

In more Waka related news, the Wakarusa 2009 Buckethead video set is slowly taking shape.  I have found that I'm able to clean up some of the distortion involved with such massive subwoofers and such little microphones.  I was using a Flip Video HD which gives about two hours of high def recording.  I got probably 95% of the concert.  I am missing the first few notes of Jordan, but other than that, it's pretty solid footage.  The problem was the VIP section was right next to the left subwoofer (which I might add was the size of a small building).  All in all, the footage is neat.  It's repleate with lens flares, massive bass, and just enough 'shake' to make vulnerable motion sickness victims run for the toilet.  I hope to get it ready by next week.  

Waka 2010 is so far away...

So what have we learned today...it's good to have gadgets to augment our memory.
So until next time..."Pog Mahone!" 

May 7th, 2009

I'm so embarrassed that I haven't posted anything in almost a year and a half...but heck, who reads my lame stuff anyway.

November 6th, 2007

(no subject)

My God...it’s OLD!!!

About this time of year means one thing for the permenant residents of Tucson. Traffic swells to max capacity, the mean average for a Tucsonan rises about 30+ years, and everywhere you look, the living dead walk the earth. Yes, I'm talking about the snowbirds. Tucson's population of roughly 1 million people swell to take on another 45,000-50,000 retirees who make the trek to more temperate climates during the season change. Since winter in Tucson is more like fall anywhere else, we have a pleathora of the elderly who make my home their home for half the year.

I gotta tell you, old people bug me. I can't help it. The main reason I think I have such a rotten disposition to old people in general is that I have no future as an old person (exceptions to every rule: I love my parents, who live here all year long, taking the heat of the summer like the troopers they are and some of my friend's folks). The theory goes that there are so many old people living longer and longer that when I am at the age of retirement (65 is the age I'm using as an example), the social security that I've been paying since I've had to work for a living, won't be there when I need it. I've got another 29 years before I get there and it doesn't look good for my generation when we get too old to work. Old people are living too long.

It was a good idea at the time. Back in the 40s & 50s, social security was working fine because someone would pay into it for 40+ years and then only live 15-20 years after retirement. More money goes in that comes out. Straight economics. But now, through many medical miracles, old people are living an extra 15-20 years longer than they used to. Now someone who's paid It's a system for 40+ years is taking every penny that they paid in plus some. Those many medical miracles don't come cheap. And since old people are so desperate to hold on to that spark of life that most are willing to take and take and take all they can so they can hold on for another 3-6 months in a hospital bed rather than to give what they paid in to then next generation. The system is way out of balance. I pay social security every week and every week I think, man...I ain't ever gonna see that again. It pisses me off to no end.

Now some people had the foresight to save for their retirement and many of them did well, but even then when they were 40ish, I would almost guarantee that in their planning, they never thought that they would be pushing 90-100 when it would finally end. And that is now becoming the standard instead of the exception.

There is no future in being old. Best to burn out than to fade away...(as the old rock adage goes).

Pog Mahone!

October 14th, 2007

Ach lieben!!!

What is the Matrix? *Rifftrax*
Well, must be a slow day if I'm at the LJ.

Well, I guess I'm settling into partial employment. I guess salary is ok, if you wanna be at someone's beckon call at any hour of the day. But I shouldn't bitch. It's not hard work. Some data entry and number checking. All told, I work about 10 hours a week but it's under some special circumstances so it can have it's challenges. But it will allow me the time it's gonna take for me to get my degree in Business Tech. Plus I am working at a place that has less meth-heads than the pawn shop I managed. Hehehe...


August 22nd, 2007

Well, I've gone and taken the gadget plunge and got myself a new Blackberry. I gotta say that I love it tremendously. Hell, now I don't have any excuse to post. My only concern is what happens to an addict once you have taken his/her crack(berry) away. Just another goddamn gadget to loose, get broken or stolen.

July 27th, 2007

(no subject)

Gay Towel Animated
I guess I can sum up the past year (which it has actually been OVER a year since my last LJ post and I promise to all 8 of you people who actually take time to read my silly little thoughs) like this.

The pawn shop that I've been managing for the past two years is closing down in a couple of weeks and I'm not really all that sorry to see it go.  The biggest thing is that I'm gonna miss all the neat stuff for dirt cheap.  The people I work for are great enough, it's just the fact that we didn't see the quality merchandise that larger stores get.  I have to worry about silly things like "cash flow" and bide my time to get the stuff that really makes the cash while places like "Superpawn" and "USA Pawn", which has branches all across the country (there are four in Tucson alone.  It all boils down to the larger corporations once again snuffing the little guy 'cause the little guy can't compete.  

There are three things that I could never settle with in dealing with the shop.  1)  Crackheads and Tweekers.  I really kinda have to pity them is a strange way, however, I don't pity them fully due to the fact that anyone can make a choice in their life.  What matters more though is the strength to see the choice to its fullest conclusion.  I've been witness to how those two drugs have reduced the intellect of someone from a decent human being to nothing more than a rabid animal, willing to do anything just to have another few hours of euphoria.  Also, seeing how people physically degenerate in such a short period of time is simply amazing.  Just to show you how fucked up these people can be, I would have a herd (it seems like but not always, tweekers travel in threes.  One driving, one with the money and one with the really bad habit.) of tweekers come into the shop with a single 10k earring and some plated jewelry that isn't worth spit, and they would expect me to take it like it was a some priceless work of art.  That brings me to my second point. 
2)  Telling people that there precious posessions aren't worth crap.  It really sucks when someone comes into your shop with something they may hold with such high regard as to be equalivent to idol worship.  This person is most likely in a real financial pickle for one reason or another and they've pinned all their hopes on this most holy of relic to bail them out of their predicament.  To them, they should receive more than it's "retail" value because it has something much more important to them..."senimental" value.  That however is MUCH harder to base sales upon.  So here I come, the heartless, cruel bastard who won't buy their precious posession because not only am I not interested in the item, be it a antique someting-or-other or plated jewelry (which is my personal fave) but the item isn't really even a genuine article.  Case in point.  I had an elderly couple come into the shop, saying that they had an uncut sheet of pre-1930's baseball cards which had Babe Ruth himself as one of the cards.  Now I'm no expert, but a uncut sheet with the Babe has 1) Never been found and 2) Would be probably worth oh, several MILLION dollars. since finding uncut sheets from that long ago is near impossible.  So when they told me this, dollar signs really lit up my eyes something fierce.  I told them that if they wanted me to take a look, I would be more than willing.  After about an hour, they came back with this cardboard tube.  As soon as I saw the tube, I knew it wasn't gonna be the real deal.  It took me about three minutes to find that the cards weren't lithographed like they would have done it in the 1930s, but the whole sheet was done on a printer from the late 70's and to make matters worse, I found on the bottom right hand side, a 1979 Reproductions copyright date.  The look on their faces when the left the shop looked as if they could drive into their garage and leave the engine running all night.   The one thing they didn't do is drop the pity bomb on me.  
3)  Using pity to undermine me.  Shit's tough and it's just bound to get tougher.  If I here one more person utter the words "Aw come on man, can you just help me out this once?" I will personally rip out their lungs and eat them in front of them before they fucking die!  Therein lies the tweeker yet again.  About the only people that use that phrase are drug addicts and every time since I've managed this shop, when someone uses that line, I will not buy or pawn their stuff.  How many people have they used that phrase upon...how many times people helped them just once and the next thing is the good samiritan is robbed blind.  I'm not a big fan of the Bible but there is always one passage that I truely love and admire.  "God helps those who help themselves."

Anyway, more to come.
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